Our purpose, vision and history


Our Purpose

To bring people into a full and fruitful relationship with God. In other words we seek not only to lead people to God, but also to nurture them and enable them to grow into spiritual maturity. 

Our Vision

God's plan for us in this neighbourhood is to be a growing community of God's people, sharing the gifts we have, with people as they have the need. 

Our History

We have been in our current premises on Stanton Road since 1954. The church was founded in 1926 in the home of the founding pastor before moving into a small wooden building on adjacent land in Derby Road, but it was destroyed by a fire which completely wrecked the building. It would have been easy for a fairly small group to give up, but instead with great determination and generosity they started again and built the Stanton Road premises so the work of the church could continue.

The 60th anniversary of the opening of these new premises was celebrated by special events during 2014.

In the early 1990's the church membership recognised an opportunity to begin a church to serve the community around Hadrian Academy in East Dunstable. In early 1994 we started Hadrian Christian Fellowship at the school.

Over the years, between these two congregations, hundreds of people have been involved in the church and affected by the church. We have always had a good relationship with our local community, and our basic purpose is to show that God is love.

Our reason for being is to honour God and show His love to all in every way we can

We welcome all who are examining Christianity, or seeking a purpose for life. We are a mixture of people from a range of ages and backgrounds. Some have been Christians for years, others are starting from square one. The thing we have in common is a desire to know God better, and so to live as followers of Jesus who make a real difference in our community.

We are part of the O.B.U. (Old Baptist Union) which is a network of churches across England and with links overseas.  We are also affiliated to the Central Baptist Association and Evangelical Alliance.


Sharing our Faith

We show His love in our

             Service

   Outreach

   Welcome

Developing our Faith

We honour God by the way we use our 

   Gifts                                

   Relationships                                                

   Obedience                        

   Worship                           

Following in Faith

We help people to explore their relationship with God as we

   Respect others

   Encourage                                                                         

   Apply faith to life              

   Proclaim and persuade  

In view of Government advise we have had to cancel our church services and weekly activities for the time being, both at Stanton Road and Hadrian. Please pray that we can still encourage each other spiritually ‘from a distance’ and also show the love of Christ to those around us, particularly any who are vulnerable or on their own. Pray too for our whole world at this time of crisis and for all those working so hard to protect and save lives.

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