To think about...

When we take time to look at the world all round us, it is full of beauty and wonder. Living on the edge of the Chilterns gives many opportunities to enjoy both the peace and the wildness of Creation.


Simply watching the play of the sunlight over the hills is enough to remind us that when God created this world, He declared it to be GOOD. Listening to the songs of the birds, feeling the gentle breeze, or the warmth of the sun- even the gift of the rain!

If all the world were grey, how miserable it would be! Skies, flowers... the harvest fields. Think of a rainbow, or a glorious technicolour sunset.

Daffodils dancing perkily for Easter. Red roses for Valentine. The wings on a butterfly. Diamonds of light scattered as the moon dances over the sea.

All this and more.  Mere chance?  Just think how many coincidences would be needed. Light that reflects in certain ways. The refractive quality of air and water. The design of the human eye that detects different wavelengths of light and the brain that interprets the data as colours.

Now tell me that all this could happen without a Creator. That really calls for faith! And what if the Creator chose to reveal Himself even more clearly than in the gift of colour in a beautiful world... through Jesus.

Take 5 minutes out today to enjoy the sights and sounds of Creation.

Focus your thoughts on God, not just the countryside or the flowers or the cute creatures!

Consider this. The God who made the world says that He loves you, and cares about you. How do we know? Because Jesus became a human being who laughed, cried, worked and even faced death.

The Bible has the story in full, if you would like to read it for yourself. Perhaps you might try the Gospel of Luke, found at the beginning of the New Testament. He recorded the facts about Jesus, and gives us notes of the teaching of Jesus (and everyone knows that Jesus is at least one of the most wonderful life-teachers who ever lived). It is worth a look. Jesus claimed to be more than just a teacher of religion or morality. He says he came to open the way, to be the Truth, and to give life in its fullest sense. Check it out!

In view of Government advise we have had to cancel our church services and weekly activities for the time being, both at Stanton Road and Hadrian. Please pray that we can still encourage each other spiritually ‘from a distance’ and also show the love of Christ to those around us, particularly any who are vulnerable or on their own. Pray too for our whole world at this time of crisis and for all those working so hard to protect and save lives.

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